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Strate Academy

Working to further knowledge of the securities industry

The Strate Academy is committed to education and to enhancing the knowledge of individuals interested in the securities industry. We provide up-to-date training on legislative frameworks and market best practices that support the South African financial market ecosystem.

We offer seminars and customised training programmes to assist practitioners within the market as they seek to gain a better understanding of South Africa’s capital markets.

Each CSD participant is required to have a certified compliance officer as well as an alternate compliance officer in their organisation. Strate is responsible for providing training and accreditation for compliance officers appointed by CSD participants. The exams these compliance officers write are accessed online through the South African Institute of Financial Markets’ (SAIFMs’) online facilities.

Financial assistance to support learning

To help support the development and upliftment of skills across the securities industry, the Controlling Body of Strate has established a Special Purpose Reserve Fund that subsidises 50% of the cost of training for delegates from companies within the securities industry or CSD participants. Compliance officers from CSD participants are also subsidised 50% of the cost of exams.

The Special Purpose Reserve Fund is funded with the penalties paid by CSD participants.

Access to this funding is available on application and is subject to approval. Please contact us to find out more.

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