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Data Services

Access to quality information and data is paramount for companies operating within the financial markets, as well as for domestic and international investors in South Africa.

Strate’s Data Services provides access to pertinent market information and data covering all security types. This information is sourced from holdings, reference records and trade-related data generated through settlement and corporate actions processes. The data is accurate, direct from the source, aggregated, anonymised and designed to complement other financial  market data services.

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Market data

Market data provides financial market participants and investors with unique insights into transaction and reference data for specific securities in the South African financial markets.

Money Market Publishing Agent Report

Strate has been appointed by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to publish post-trade data on SA money market transactions. As a financial market infrastructure, and South Africa’s principal central securities depository providing settlements and custodial services for South Africa’s money markets, Strate is uniquely positioned to provide this data.

The Money Market Publishing Agent Report provides:

  • A daily statistical summary of money market transactions
  • an overview of percentile statistics
  • aggregated volumes of money market transactions over 1, 3 , 6, 9 and 12 months
  • the outstanding nominal value for money market ISIN’s

The Money Market Publishing Agent Report is free to view and download. To request a copy of the report, click on the download link and complete the download request form.

Money Market Publishing Agent Report

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Market Insights

In our role as South Africa’s principal central security depository, we are at the heart of thousands of daily transactions. We service listed and unlisted securities traded across South African exchanges or over-the-counter. We also process corporate actions, which are defined as events that can affect stock prices, such as dividend payments, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder meetings, and so on. Market Insights is a compilation of the relevant settlement, corporate actions and registry services data that we are able to share with investors, issuers, regulators and other interested parties for use in understanding and further analysing South Africa’s capital markets. Providing this information publicly, underpins our commitment to transparency and enhancing the free flow of information.

Market insights are available in a series of reports that provide current and historic market-related statistics for various types of securities serviced by Strate. Please complete the enquiry form below should you require the delivery of the Market Insights reports to be automated.

Market Insights Report

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Central Securities Depository Participants (CSDP) Insights

The CSDP Insights Report contains market-share data for your CSDP.

 A data subscription agreement is required to download this report.

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