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Strate Charity Shares to rebrand as Charity Shares for Children

In line with Strate’s corporate social investment strategy, Strate exited Strate Charity Shares (SCS) NPC at the end of 2023.

For more than 20 years Strate, in a joint market initiative with Computershare, has provided support to SCS, an independent non-profit organisation. SCS was set up to realise the value locked up in odd lots of unwanted securities that can be used to support charitable causes.

SCS is continuing under a new name, Charity Shares for Children (CS4C) NPC. Through CS4C, stock market investors can neaten up their share portfolios by disposing of small holdings of shares, commonly referred to as odd lots. Often, the value of these shares is less than the costs of selling them through a broker.

The convenient CS4C model allows and encourages investors to easily contribute small or large amounts of their shares to child-linked charities at no cost to the investor. It eliminates the cost of conversion to an electronic record of ownership, which includes brokerage expenses.

The donation is also tax-deductible to the investor. In terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act, 1962 donors to CS4C are eligible for certificate advantages. Certificates are issued by CS4C to donors on request. Lost share certificates and unclaimed dividends may also be donated to support charities carefully vetted by CS4C.

Thus, funds contributed to CS4C are derived from share donations by investors, usually in the form of odd-lot shares, which CS4C then aggregates and sells.

Strate is fully committed to supporting CS4C through its rebranding and restructuring and in the ongoing provision of free CSD services.

The new contact details for Charity Shares for Children are:

Paul Pereira on or

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