Did you know Strate launched e-Tutor to make learning about the South African Financial Market simple, accessible and convenient.

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Strate Academy is committed to educating and upgrading the standing of individuals working in the securities industry or interested in learning about the market, by constantly keeping them up-to-date with legislative, market best practices and developments. It is this commitment that has led to the continuous development of seminars and the introduction of Strate’s customised training programmes.
Part of Strate’s responsibility as a self-regulating entity is to provide training and accreditation for Strate Compliance Officers and Alternate Compliance Officers. Each CSD Participant is required to have a certified Compliance Officer as well as an Alternate Compliance Officer in their organisation. Exams may be written online through the use of the South African Institute of Financial Markets' (SAIFMs') online facilities.


Strate was awarded the Gold Standard Award for Innovation for e-Tutor, giving the app recognition for innovation and credibility.

Strate Special Purpose Reserve Fund

A Special Purpose Reserve Fund was set up by the Strate Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee to house the funds that are generated from penalties, which are incurred by CSD Participants. The purpose of the fund is to give back to the financial market in the form of the development and upliftment of skills. In line with this mandate, all market players who send delegates through any Strate training will be subsidised 50% of the total cost of that training. Similarly, if any market participant sends delegates through any Strate exams, they will also be subsidised 50% of that exam cost.

Please note, if you have registered for the Strate Exams and require a copy of the Directives as part of your study material, please request this directly from the Strate Academy.
To contact the academy, email academy [at] strate.co.za


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