The very nature of Strate's activities means that it can offer a number of complimentary services to the market.

Issuers of listed and unlisted companies, investors and other market players can benefit from a number of Strate's services, listed in the blocks below. (Click on the respective service below for more information)

For monthly market statistics, email Strate-DataServices [at]

Corporate Actions

Strate executes all corporate action events in respect of uncertificated securities for the market. A corporate action is an event initiated by a listed company that affects the securities issued by that company. 

Our corporate actions model provides significant risk reduction and cost savings for our clients, given that corporate action payments are processed through the South African Reserve Bank.

For the Corporate Actions through Central Bank Funds mandate, please click here.

To find out more about corporate actions, email SAS [at]

Strate Asset Servicing (SAS)

There is a strong need for streamlined, reliable, single source corporate action notifications, with low risk tolerance.
Currently in the South African market, corporate actions information is disseminated via various sources, including circulars, annual reports, newspapers, etc. This information is subsequently interpreted by various market players and distributed accordingly, thereby appearing in various formats, containing duplicated, and in some instances, inconsistent information that is open to interpretation. 

Strate Asset Servicing (SAS) provides the management and processing of historical company data, Tax and Proxy Voting Services, as well as ISO Notifications to the investment community. SAS provides a single sourced, sacrosanct, standardised format of information that exists for a corporate actions announcement. It allows market players and investors to make quick and accurate decisions from the simultaneous dissemination and processing of information across the market, without interference from downstream parties and systems.

To find out more about SAS, email the team on SAS [at]

Segregated Depository Accounts

Segregated Depository Accounts (SDAs) allow investors to open an account directly at the CSD level while maintaining all their existing relationships and services with their custodian. Not only are investors' securities held in a separate account, but they also benefit from increased protection in the event of an Insolvency Proceeding being instituted against one of the custodians.

These accounts are designed to reduce market, price and operational risk by avoiding a situation where the securities may otherwise have been trapped in the books of the failed Participant, while the Insolvency Administrator endeavours to identify their ownership and return the securities to the rightful owner. 

Their functionality significantly enhances the portability of a client's holdings, allowing them to engage with an alternate service provider at short notice. This ensures that if there was an Insolvency Proceeding instigated against their Participant, their account would not be frozen by the Insolvency Administrator and the client could continue trading in that account in a relatively seamless manner.


Segregated Depository Account Application

Release of a Pledge 

Placement of a Pledge


To find out more about SDAs, email info [at]

Beneficiary Download Reporting

Strate produces the BND by collating shareholder positions from information that is supplied by CSD Participants, Brokers and Approved Nominees.

In terms of section 56 of the Companies Act, disclosure of beneficial ownership is required to be provided to listed companies monthly or at a frequency as determined by the CSD. Strate now accordingly provides full beneficiary disclosure to issuers and/or their appointed agents on a monthly or on a weekly basis. To enhance the value of the statutory beneficial download, Strate also provides a number of variations of the report, which enables the recipient to better analyse the breakdown or make-up of the shareholder base. 

Strate offers unlisted companies a facility whereby they are able to dematerialise, clear and settle shares in the Strate environment. This includes the processing of corporate action events, such as dividend and interest payments, rights and capitalisation issues. Unlisted companies can reap a great many Strate features and benefits provided to listed companies.

Should you wish to obtain the BND or value-added reports, contact Carol Otto via Strate-DataServices [at]


An electronic voting solution for shareholder meetings using blockchain technology is going to be introduced to South Africa's financial markets. The envisaged blockchain-based solution will answer many shareholder and issuer' frustrations, as it will eliminate the current manual processes that are prone to errors, as well as the barriers to shareholder participation in decision-making at meetings, including annual general meetings (AGMs).

Blockchain can provide the market an end-to-end, secure, and reliable solution. It provides an immutable record with a cryptographically secure ledger of transactions and we are able to secure a vote in the blockchain in a far more efficient and user-friendly manner than any other technology that we have in existence.

For all shareholders, both local and foreign, it is important that the voting process is streamlined and transparent and that the meeting results are reported precisely, quickly and with guaranteed finality, so that the results can be relied on in a legally-binding way. The use of e-Voting would enable the shareholder to submit a vote online using an authorised login. This will be automatically processed, removing the potential for human error and giving the company voting results in real-time, enhancing corporate governance as a result.



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