The TRS can be used for the settlement, collateralisation and maintenance of repurchase agreement (repo) transactions in South African currency (ZAR). The transfer of cash (the principal in a repo transaction) will occur at the same time as the transfer of securities (the collateral) under the Delivery versus Payment (DvP) settlement mechanism, as per the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) Model 1 method.

Through centralising collateral management, clients have control over counterparty relationships and are able to automate the administrative burden associated with managing exposures by outsourcing the monitoring and managing of numerous activities. Collateral placed is evaluated and reconciled daily, ensuring all exposures are optimally covered, while eligibility and sufficiency of collateral for both giver and receiver is monitored in real-time.

Strate collateral Management

Total Exposures Fully Collateralised

Why execute Tri-Party Repo through Us?

  • Lower counterparty credit risk through collateralisation of cash deposits resulting in equal or better long-term yield.
  • Lower risk through Segregated Depository Accounts and the ability to restrict the re-use of collateral ceded.Diversification and dynamic collateral.


Our Partners:


IRESS - Is an automated integration partner for collateral management in the Securities Lending and Borrowing market, information on IRESS can be accessed by clicking here.


CloudMargin - Is an automated integration partner for collateral management in the OTC derivatives market, information on CloudMargin can be accessed by clicking here

Liquidity Alliance

Liquidity Alliance - Strate is a member of the Liquidity Alliance, which is a consortium of global Central Securities Depositories who offer similar collateral services in their local markets. Through Strate’s membership of the Liquidity Alliance, global collateral optimisation and the efficient mobilisation of collateral is possible with its members utilising the same collateral management platform. To find out more about the Liquidity Alliance, view the flyer: Liquidity Alliance.

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