What is a Nominee?

Section 1 of the Financial Markets Act ("FMA or the Act") defines a Nominee as:

A person approved under section 76 to act as the holder of securities or of an interest in securities on behalf of other persons.

The above statutory and legislative requirements limit Strate's obligations to the approval of Participant Nominees and their subsequent adherence to Directive SA.7 only. Strate does not undertake the regulation of Nominees.

It must be noted that where an Authorised User (broker) as defined in the Act, has an account with a Participant, their Nominee is approved by the relevant exchange in terms of section 76 (1)(a) of the act.

The approval of a Participants' Holding Company includes the approval of its Nominee.


Approval of and requirements for Strate Nominees   

Application in terms of section 76 (1)(b) and Strate Rule 6.6.4 must comply with the requirements as detailed in Strate Directive SA.7 "Application for Approval of a Nominee".

All applications for approval or Nominee queries should be directed to, Strate Supervision on Tel: (011) 759 5320/1 or Strate-supervision [at] strate.co.za


Disclosure by Nominees

Paragraph 2.2.1 of Directive SA.7 states that the Holding Company must have a system capable of providing the CSD with a download of beneficial ownership information of all Strate eligible securities registered in the name of the Nominee, in the format and frequency as defined by the CSD. For queries relating to Nominee disclosures and testing, please contact Strate Supervision.


Strate Approved Participant Nominees

Full Name


AliceRose Nominee (Pty) Ltd


Citi SA  Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

CMB Nominees (RF) (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Computershare Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities, Bonds and Cash

First National Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Goudstad Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Nedcor Bank Nominees (RF) (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Pacific Custodians Nominees (RF) (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Cash

Standard Bank Nominees  (RF) (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Standard Chartered Nominees South Africa (RF) (Pty) Ltd    

Equities and Bonds (excluding Strate eligible securities on behalf of local Pension Funds or Insurance Companies)


Strate Recognised Nominees for the purpose of Beneficial Ownership Disclosure only. Nominee and its Holding Company is regulated and supervised by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority

Full Name


AIMS Nominees (Pty) Ltd


Ashburton Fund Managers Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

FNB Retail Equities Nominees (Pty) Ltd


First National Trust Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

First World Trader Nominees (RF) (Pty) Ltd  

Equities and Bonds

Global Nominees (Pty) Ltd


Investors Independent Nominee  (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Nedgroup Private Wealth Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Old Mutual SA Nominees (Pty) Ltd


Sanlam Fundshares Nominee (Pty) Ltd


Sanlam Share Account Nominee (Pty) Ltd


Satrix Nominees (Pty) Ltd


SCMSA Nominees (Pty) Ltd

Equities and Bonds

Sygnia Nominees (RF) (Pty) Ltd


Velocity Nominees (RF) (Pty) Ltd  

Equities and Bonds

Wealthport Nominees (Pty) Ltd  

Equities and Bonds


Withdrawn Nominees

Full Name

Date Withdrawn

GB Nominees (Pty) Ltd

04 February 2015

Citi Nominees (Pty) Ltd

13 November 2014

Absa Nominees (Pty) Ltd

02 December 2013

Source Nominees (Pty) Ltd

13 March 2013

Symphony Nominees (Pty) Ltd

11 May 2012

IPF Nominees (Pty) Ltd


Nominee Contact List:

AOS - Automated Outsource Services

5 Philips Street

PO Box 

Lee-Anne Torres
Operations Manager
Tel: (011) 561 6699
Magda Freitas
Business Unit Head
Tel: (011) 561 6723


Absa Investment Campus

Barclays Towers North Campus
4th Floor, Absa Towers North
180 Commissioner Street

Fatima Walljee
Finance Control Accounts Manager
Tel: (011) 243 4351
Email: fatima.walljee [at] absa.co.za
Juliana Nel
Head: Governance and Control
Tel: (011) 243 4407
Email: juliana.nel [at] absa.co.za
Samantha Padayachee
Head of Compliance: WIM
Tel: (011) 243 4545

Ashburton Fund Managers Nominees (Pty) Ltd

3 Merchant Place
1 Fredman Drive

Felicite Kirkman-Pillay
Head: Compliance
Tel: (011) 303 5000
Rafiq Bhyat
Tel: (011) 303 5322
Wayne Mienie
Head: Compliance
Tel: (011) 303 5000

FNB Retail Equities

FNB Investment Products
Share Investing
6th Floor, 2 First Place
Johannesburg, 2001

Crystal Brown
Corporate Actions Manager
Tel: 087 577 8314


Ground Floor
No 5 Merchant Place
9 Fredman Drive

Matlhodi Leteane
Head: Governance
Tel: (011) 303 5443

GB Nominees (Pty) Ltd

3rd Floor South
Kingsmead Office Park
20 Kingsmead Boulevard

PO Box 3211

Cheryl Holland
Admin Manager
Tel: (031) 333 6615

Nedgroup Private Wealth Nominees

Nedbank Clock Tower
V&A Waterfront
Cape Town 8000

PO Box 86
Cape Town 8000

Ragiema Manuel
Operations Manager
Tel: (021) 416 6409

SCMSA Nominees (Pty) Ltd

The Place
1 Sandton Drive

Justin Smithers
Financial Operations Director
Tel: (010) 201 6316

Wealthport Nominees (Pty) Ltd

2nd Floor
Building C
Ballyoaks Office Park
33 Ballyclare Drive

Catherin van der Merwe
Tel: (010) 593 3105
Michelle Pienaar
Operations Manager
Tel: (010) 593 3108
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