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Strate: A Pioneer of Exchange-of-Value Settlement Solutions

All too often, good infrastructure goes unnoticed. This is probably one of the reasons why few South Africans know and understand the country’s Central Securities Depository, Strate, however, without it, investors would shy away from South Africa.
Prior to the implementation of Strate in 1999, SA was categorised as one of the worst emerging markets in terms of operational and settlement risk. Trading volumes on the stock exchange were averaging 4,000 trades daily, very thin when this is compared to the 350 000 on average during a month today.

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The Steps to Employee Wellness

It may be one small step for man, or employee, but it’s a giant leap for employee wellness. South African central securities depository, Strate, has incorporated a “work while you walk” approach to its daily routine. Not only has the company purchased two In-Movement Treadmill desks, more employees are incorporating standing and walking into their […]

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Celebrating a Decade of Being One of South Africa’s Best Companies To Work For

Strate has celebrated its tenth year of participating in the Deloitte Best Company To Work For Survey, a competition in which it has always excelled, consistently achieving top results and acknowledged as one of the Standard of Excellence Achievers.   During 2013, it was voted second in the survey’s small company size category for both […]

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