What is Strate?


Strate is South Africa's Central Securities Depository. It is an FSCA-licensed financial market infrastructure that owns technology to securely hold equities, bonds and money market securities in electronic form so that buyers and sellers can exchange ownership of these securities once they are successfully traded.

Given that records are electronic, rather than transferring physical certificates, Strate records the transaction via book entry. This shareholder database held at Strate is recognised as the legal record of ownership in South Africa. 

Strate is an independent company, serving multiple stock exchanges in South Africa as well as their respective issuer clients.

It also facilitates corporate action (such as dividends) payments for those issuers, as well as other services in terms of South African legislation. In addition, value-adding services are available, such as collateral management, IT services and training. It also continues to explore new, advanced and even disruptive technologies that could be identified as new opportunities in the financial markets.


Our pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence will make a difference in a world driven by the need for reliable exchange-of-value settlement systems.

Strategic Objectives:

  • We strive to have an unmatched performance track record through our operational excellence.
  • We are always discovering ways to evolve our core services and find innovative solutions.
  • We have stakeholders at the heart of everything we do.
  • We aim to build a financially sustainable business.
  • We focus on developing our staff and communities to have a positive impact on their lives.


Dynamic Innovation


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