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Stakeholder Feedback

 Stakeholder Survey Feedback

Strate is dedicated to providing world class services to the financial markets. In doing so it remains imperative to keep the lines of communication open through continuous feedback from our stakeholders, helping us identify areas for growth and improvement.

One form of feedback used is the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey provided to our stakeholders.

Below are the findings from our recent completed surveys;

May 2015

We would once again like to thank all of those who provided value feedback by completing the survey. We remain dedicated to operational excellence and measure our performance against the satisfaction of our key stakeholders.

Key strengths identified by our stakeholders;

The 2015 survey has highlighted a number of areas as our key strengths;

  • Strate is commended for settlement efficiencies through automation, e.g. off-market exception handling.
  • The Strate Testing team provides excellent service and support
  • There has been a marked improvement from the Corporate Actions team
  • Supervision
  • Market workshops and conferences
  • Market testing co-ordination

Areas of improvement were highlighted as;

  • Prioritise and take cognizance of CSD Participant needs
  • SDA pledges
  • Strate should take a more definitive lead in the market regarding project implementation

Actions to be taken

Having taken all feedback into consideration we have actively increased the amount of market engagement from Strate with our stakeholders.  This has been improved through various initiatives such as frequent market meetings to address Strate Project timelines and concerns and active thought leadership in initiating new projects to improve our services.


As the year draws to a close Strate remains committed to ensuring that market wide improvements and imperative financial market infrastructure services are provided at the optimum level to our stakeholders. It is only with your help and feedback that we can recognise the actions that need to be taken to achieve your confidence that benchmarks the company internationally in terms of stakeholder centricity.

Should you wish to share the experience you have had while engaging with Strate, please contact Leigh Bevis, Strate’s Head of Stakeholder Relations, on or on 011 759 5466.