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B1-2012 Directives SD.1, SD.2, SD.3 and SF.3
B2-2012 Directive SD.4 - Proxy Voting Procedure - Bonds
B3-2012 Directive SB.2 - Procedures for Conversion of Certificated Bonds to Uncertificated Bonds and Vice Versa 
B4-2012 Directive SF.3 - Fines Schedule - On and Off Markets - Bonds
B5-2012 Practice Note in respect of Directives SD.1 and SD.2 - Operational Market Windows - On and Off-Market - Bonds
B6-2012 Directive SD.1, SD.2 and SF.3
B7-2012 Directives SD.1, SD.2 and SF.3
B8-2012 Directive SG.2 - Strate Fees - Bonds
M1-2012 Directive SE.3 and SF.5 
M2-2012 Directive SE.1 and SE.3
M3-2012 Directive SG.3 - Strate Fees - Money Markets
S1-2012 CSD Rules
S2-2012 Directive SA.7 - Application for Approval of a Nominee
S3-2012 Practice Note - STT for Unlisted Uncertificated Securities - Equities
S4-2012 Directive SA.8 - File Layout for Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership (BND) - Equities and Bonds
S5-2012 Directive SC.4 - Processing of Corporate Actions - Equities
S6-2012 Directive SB.1 - Procedures for Conversion of Certificated Equities to Uncertificated Equities and Vice Versa
S7-2012 Directive SA.9 - Segregated Depository Accounts: Opening, Administration and other Procedures
S8-2012 Directive SC.5 - Proxy Voting Procedure - Domestic Companies - Equities 
S9-2012 CSD Rules - July 2012
S10-2012 Guidance Note - Interpretation of Directives
S11-2012 Directive SA.7 - Application for Approval of a Nominee 
S12-2012 Practice Note in respect of Voting for Domestic Listed Companies' Meetings - Uncertificated Securities - Equities
S13-2012 Directive SA.10 - Risk
S14-2012 Directives SC.2 and SF.2
S15-2012 Directives SA.4 and SF.1
S16-2012 Directive SA.8 - File Layout for BND - Equities and Bonds
S17-2012 Directive SG.1 - Strate Fees - Equities