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Index Directives Index

Section A CSD Participation

SA.1 Strate Participation Criteria and Application
SA.2 Requirements for Financial Soundness
SA.3 Client Acceptance Procedure
SA.4 Requirements for Own Name Clients
SA.5 Provision for Bi Annual Statements
SA.6 Compliance Officer Appointments
SA.7 Requirements for Nominees to operate in the CSD environment 
SA.8 File Layout for Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership (BND) - Equities and Bonds
SA.9 Segregated Depository Accounts - Opening Administration and other Procedures
SA.10 Risk Management
SA.11 Claims procedure from a Cash Suspense Account in a Participant's Insolvency Proceeding

Section B Dematerialisation

SB.1 Procedure for Conversion of Certificated Equities to Uncertificated Equities and Vice Versa
SB.2 Procedures for Conversion of Certificated Bonds to Uncertificated Bonds and vice versa

Section C Equities

SC.1 Operational Market Windows - On- market - Equities - JSE
SC.2 Operational Market Windows - Off- market - Equities - JSE
SC.3 Special Circumstances for the Reversal of Commitments - Equities
SC.4 Processing of Corporate Actions - Equities
SC.5 Proxy Voting Procedure - Domestic Companies - Equities
SC.6 Proxy Voting Procedure - Foreign Incorporated Companies - Equities
SC.7 Operational Market Windows - Unlisted - Equities

Section D Bonds

SD.1 Operational Market Windows - On-market - Bonds - JSE
SD.2 Operational Market Windows - Off-market - Bonds - JSE
SD.3 Processing of Capital Events - Bonds
SD.4 Proxy Voting Procedure - Bonds

Section E Money Market Securities

SE.1 Issuing of Money Market Securities
SE.2 Master File Administration - Money Market Securities
SE.3 Operational Market Windows - Money Market Securities
SE.4 Electronic Trade Reporting Matching Clearing Commitment and Settlement - Money Market Securities
SE.5 Processing of Capital Events - Money Market Securities

Section F Fines

SF.1 Fines Schedule - Rules
SF.2 Fines Schedule - On-market and Off-market - Equities
SF.3 Fines Schedule On- and Off - Market - Bonds - JSE
SF.4 Fines Schedule - Compliance
SF.5 Fines Schedule - Money Market Securities
SF.6 Fines Schedule – On-Exchange and Off-Exchange - ZAR X
SF.7 Fines Schedule – On-Exchange and Off-Exchange – 4 Africa Exchange (Pty) Ltd 

Section G ZAR X

SG.1 Operational Market Windows and Securities Processing - ZAR X

Section H 4 Africa Exchange (Pty) Ltd

SH.1 Operational Market Windows and Securities Processing - 4 Africa Exchange (Pty) Ltd