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Strate Charity Shares

Strate Charity Shares (SCS) is registered as an independent non-profit organisation and charity donation programme that was created to address the long-standing problem of investors holding small and unwanted shares.

Investors who want to dispose of these odd lots shares to neaten up their portfolios have been deterred by the cost of selling them. As a result, thousands of rands are tied up in assets that cost more to sell than they are worth, and portfolios are left in an untidy state.

SCS was created to address these small, unwanted South African listed shares by collecting them via investor donations of such shares, dematerialising the shares if necessary and have partner stockbrokers selling them on the JSE at no cost. The proceeds would be donated to a wide range of charities across South Africa.

To date, SCS has distributed in excess of three million rand to a number of worthy causes. To encourage participation in SCS, The South African Revenue Service has agreed that the value of any shares donated may be deducted from taxable income, as the scheme is registered under section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

 Funding guidelines:

Applications for funding can be submitted at any time between 1 January and 30 September. There are no funding application forms.

  • SCS funding is granted once a year, usually in the fourth quarter.

  • Decisions on application success are made by the SCS board of directors. All applicants will be informed in writing of the board’s relevant decision after this meeting. Reasons for a decision to decline funding to an applying organisation will not be provided.

  • Funding will only be considered for organisations whose work has mainly children as beneficiaries.

  • Funding will only be considered for organisations domiciled and registered in the Republic of South Africa and for work undertaken in this country.

  • Organisational operating costs will be considered.

The following will not be considered for funding:

  • Individuals;

  • Bursaries;

  • Construction of religious buildings;

  • Political parties and trade unions;

  • Conferences and events;

  • Overseas travel; and

  • Organisational start-up costs.

  • Funding is made by EFT.

  • Organisations applying for SCS funding support are required to submit the following:

  • A brief description of the applicant organisation;

  • A brief description of the funding’s intended use;

  • A list of current donors and amount received/contracted from each;

  • Proof of Non-Profit Organisation registration;

  • Proof of Public Benefit Organisation status;

  • Proof of Section 18a status;

  • A certified copy of organisational founding documents;

  • A bank-certified letter confirming the applicant organisation’s banking details;

  • The organisation’s annual report for the immediate past calendar/financial year; and

  • The organisation’s audited financial statements for the immediate past financial year.

  • Applicants may be asked to provide information additional to the above and/or to meet with an SCS representative/s in person.

  • All funding application documents must be electronically submitted to the Company Secretary, Elva Price, at

  • The SCS reserves the right to alter its funding application criteria, reporting criteria, or areas of social investment interest at any time without notice.

Reporting guidelines:

Organisations funded by the SCS are required to submit the following prior to the conclusion of 12 months after they have received SCS funding support, and before any further support will be considered by the SCS.

  • Written report on the use of SCS funding received, including current organisational annual report, and current audited financial statements.

If you have any queries regarding obtaining or completing the forms, please call the Strate Charity Shares’ toll-free helpline on 0800 202 363 or +27 (0)11 870 8207 if you are phoning from outside South Africa. Alternatively, you can email

Strate Charity Shares Donation Form 
Strate Charity Shares Brochure


To view SCS' latest Annual Financial Statements, please click here.