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People, Culture & Community

Investing in staff as well as in local communities is an essential part of Strate's business. 

Strate recognises that the wellbeing of its employees is a critical factor for its future progress and prosperity. As a South African Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI), Strate prides itself in being recognised as an employer of choice. Strate continuously strives to keep its staff content and aims to create a happy, healthy workplace environment.


The company has an underlying culture that has been developed on a sound foundation, a ‘Genetic Code’ – a distinctive DNA that is the unique and optimum way in which it functions within its micro business and macro social environments. It has adopted a process of discovering a formula to define and measure its culture and to clarify who it is. To find out more about the formula and Strate’s DNA, click here.

Corporate Social Investment

Not only does the company have a number of internal programmes, it also supports a number of worthy causes that have a positive impact on people's lives and their futures. Strate supports a number of worthy causes and encourages its staff to get involved in SED initiatives and they regularly participate in community outreach programmes. Strate also has a programme in place whereby staff can nominate a worthy cause within their communities to receive support. To find out more about its Socio-Economic Development (SED) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, click here.


Strate continues to create an increasingly diverse workforce through the advancement of previously disadvantaged people and the empowerment of women. To find out more about its transformation initiatives, click here.

Best Company To Work For

Being a multiple winner of the ‘Deloitte Best Company To Work For’ survey (click here for more information) indicates that the human or ‘soul’ element of Strate is functioning exceptionally well. One of the reasons for this is the emphasis placed by top management on the need for employees to find meaning in their work. This is underpinned by the above-mentioned initiatives that truly make Strate one of the best companies to work for.

Strate Charity Shares

In addition, Strate also runs Strate Charity Shares (SCS), a charity donation programme that serves as a convenient mechanism whereby shareholders can quickly and easily donate small or large amounts of shares to charity. It does not cost the person making the donation anything and is tax-deductible. SCS is a highly effective vehicle for getting rid of small holdings of shares that are too costly to sell through a stockbroker, since shareholders incur no cost if they donate their shares to charity. Click here to find out more about SCS.