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Strate CEO, Monica Singer, stepping down to pursue new opportunities

Strate would like to announce that its CEO, Monica Singer, will be leaving Strate at the end of August 2017 to fulfil her dream of living in Cape Town and to pursue new opportunities.   After being at Strate for almost two decades, and being its project manager since inception, Monica has been committed to […]

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Truly making a difference through design thinking

Did you know that 35 days is the average that a new technology takes to attract 50 million users in Silicon Valley? In a world where it takes a little over a month to attract and retain customers, companies have never been more serious about putting the customers first through strategies that resonate with their […]

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Finding what it takes to be a conscious company

Strate was named the winner of the Inaugural Conscious Companies Awards held at an evening gala event on 11 May in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.   There has been much to be said about the inclusivity of stakeholders to create and nurture shared value, as opposed to shareholder value, says Strate CEO Monica Singer.  […]

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Farewell to Strate’s former Chairman, Bobby Johnston

On 1 December 2016, Strate held a farewell in honour of Bobby Johnston. Johnston was Strate’s Chairman from January 2011 to October 2016, and played a key role in the development of Strate 20 years ago.   Monica started as the Project Manager of Strate in October 1996, where she met Johnston in his role as […]

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Strate: A Pioneer of Exchange-of-Value Settlement Solutions

All too often, good infrastructure goes unnoticed. This is probably one of the reasons why few South Africans know and understand the country’s Central Securities Depository, Strate, however, without it, investors would shy away from South Africa.
Prior to the implementation of Strate in 1999, SA was categorised as one of the worst emerging markets in terms of operational and settlement risk. Trading volumes on the stock exchange were averaging 4,000 trades daily, very thin when this is compared to the 350 000 on average during a month today.

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The Steps to Employee Wellness

It may be one small step for man, or employee, but it’s a giant leap for employee wellness. South African central securities depository, Strate, has incorporated a “work while you walk” approach to its daily routine. Not only has the company purchased two In-Movement Treadmill desks, more employees are incorporating standing and walking into their […]

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Rob Barrow appointed Chairman of Strate

Rob Barrow, a current board member of Strate, has been appointed the chairman of the company’s Board, effective 4 November 2016.   Monica Singer, Strate’s CEO, welcomes the appointment of Barrow. “Rob has a wealth of expertise and knowledge spanning more than two decades in the capital markets and he has served on Strate’s board […]

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The Evolution of Strate: A New Structure to Better Serve Stakeholders

Strate is embarking on a new journey that will enhance its service delivery to the market. We have created two divisions within the company, CSD Operations and Fractal Solutions. The changes in the company’s structure are needed to support a new strategy that embraces disruptive technologies and continuous evolution of our core business.

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Putting the ‘Chief’ in Financial Officer

While the primary role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to make sure financial records of the company are in order, the role has evolved from the back-office functions of two decades ago. The rules of the game have changed for CFOs. Strate looks at the evolving role of the Chief Financial Officer and welcomes its new CFO, Ashnee Maharaj, on board.

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Women’s Month Spotlight: Education

Women represent approximately half of the global population, half of South Africa’s population, and half of the population of working age (15-64 years) in the country. That’s 18.5 million women that can add value in South Africa, yet the country still lags behind in unequal access to education. Read Monica Singer and Dr Merrill van Der Walt’s views on the importance of education.

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