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‘Liquidity Alliance’ builds blockchain solution for cross-border collateral transfer

Four members of the ‘Liquidity Alliance’ (LA), an international group of central securities depositories (CSDs), are cooperating with Deutsche Börse to launch an initiative leveraging blockchain technology to ease cross-border mobilisation of security collateral. With the planned solution, The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited (CDS), Clearstream (Luxembourg), Strate (South Africa) and VPS (Norway) want to […]

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Strate: A Pioneer of Exchange-of-Value Settlement Solutions

All too often, good infrastructure goes unnoticed. This is probably one of the reasons why few South Africans know and understand the country’s Central Securities Depository, Strate, however, without it, investors would shy away from South Africa.
Prior to the implementation of Strate in 1999, SA was categorised as one of the worst emerging markets in terms of operational and settlement risk. Trading volumes on the stock exchange were averaging 4,000 trades daily, very thin when this is compared to the 350 000 on average during a month today.

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OTC derivatives regulatory reform impacts – Eurozone specific?

By Anthony van Eden – Head: Collateral Management Services, Strate   The Collateral Management team at Strate attended Clearstream’s Global Securities Financing Conference in Luxembourg in January 2016.   The Group of 20 (G20) regulatory reforms to ensure stable financial markets continues to gain traction in the Eurozone, which already has several licensed trade repositories […]

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First Interbank Collateralised Lending Transaction Processed through Strate’s Collateral Management Services

Two of South Africa’s large financial institutions, Standard Bank South Africa Ltd (SBSA) and FirstRand Bank (FRB), have created a significant milestone for South Africa’s financial markets, entering into the first secured interbank collateralised lending transaction through the country’s only Tri-Party Collateral Management Services Provider, Strate. The transaction was processed on 9 December 2015.   […]

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The Liquidity Alliance Now Able to Extend Collateral Management Services to Buy-side via 360T

The Liquidity Alliance is Now Able to Extend Collateral Management Services to Buy-side via 360T: The Service enables the buy-side to trade triparty repos with banks on 360T platform as collateralised alternative to unsecured cash deposits. Service already offered by Clearstream and 360T, will be made available to all members of The Liquidity Alliance The […]

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Tri-Party Repo: Future-Proofing Risk and Cost for Corporate Treasurers

As a Tri-Party Collateral agent in the South African Market, Strate’s Collateral Management Services (SCMS) is well positioned to manage all of these new challenges for corporate treasurers, with its proven world-class systems and service, facilitating both cash and non-cash collateral for collateralised loans as well as Tri-Party repos.   Tri-Party repos are becoming an […]

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Thought Leadership: In 2016 – A Collateral Odyssey

A global demand for high-quality liquid assets, as a result of regulatory reform, may drive a change in the way that assets are used as collateral in each market. In order to obtain an understanding of these implications

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Strate’s Collateral Management Services Update

Interest in Strate’s Collateral Management Services continues to grow, as nine local banks have successfully performed scripted testing on the system.   The banks participated in scripted market testing of the service to secure the interbank lending market. There was a particular focus on the lending in the ‘the South African Multiple Option Settlement (SAMOS) system position/square-off window’. Over 90 people […]

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Liquidity Alliance will Provide Worldwide Collateral Access to T2S

When the European Central Bank’s pan-European settlement platform TARGET2-Securities (T2S) goes live in waves from 2015 to 2017, the Liquidity Alliance members will benefit from access to the future pan-European liquidity pool T2S will create. Streamlined settlement will integrate respective assets for smooth collateral management activities. Iberclear, the Spanish Central Securities Depository (CSD), and Clearstream’s CSD in Germany, Clearstream Banking AG, will act as […]

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Liquidity Alliance Implements Next Generation of Customer Connectivity

The Liquidity Alliance, the global association of market infrastructures delivering collateral management services to their markets through a common platform, has announced the implementation of a new customer connectivity solution. The new interface was developed on the basis of experience and feedback received from clients using the underlying collateral management solution since its introduction in 2011.   The ongoing need for market […]

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