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International Affiliations & Partnerships

The Africa and Middle East Depositories Association (AMEDA)
Strate became a member of the Africa and Middle East Depositories Association (AMEDA) in 2007. AMEDA's main purpose is to be a forum for the exchange of information and experiences among its members in a spirit of mutual co-operation and to promote best practice recommendations in services such as securities depository, clearance, settlement and risk management.

AMEDA's goal is also to support local markets in their efforts to adopt securities market regulations, while considering their specific circumstances and to serve as a dialogue channel with other organisations worldwide. AMEDA is formed for the benefit of its member community, as an elective, inter-professional and regional facility to foster a spirit of co-operation, reciprocity and harmony among members, to achieve those objectives it determines from time-to-time.

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The Americas' Central Securities Depositories Association (ACSDA)
Strate is a member of The Americas' Central Securities Depositories Association (ACSDA). Strate was invited to join ACSDA, as South Africa shares a common interest with the emerging South American markets. ACSDA is made up of CSDs in North, Central and South America.

ACSDA's main purpose is to be a forum for the exchange of information and experiences among its members in the spirit of mutual co-operation and to promote the best practice recommendations in services, such as securities depository, clearing, settlement and risk management.

The benefits for Strate to be part of these two international associations are:

  • The attendance of yearly conferences regarding the latest issues, trends and developments in the industry;
  • Contact with other CSDs for advice and recommendations;
  • Forum to discuss issues affecting emerging markets;
  • As the USA and Canada are leading the way forward in terms of industry initiatives, this will allow Strate to learn from their experiences without the need to reinvent what already exists in this industry; and
  • Representation at an international forum.

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The World Forum of CSDs (WFC)

The WFC (the World Forum of CSDs) was established in April 2011.

The WFC provides a forum for five regional CSD associations to exchange information, discuss issues of common interest and increase their influence and engagement on cross-regional and global developments, as well as provide a common voice on issues relevant to the various associations and their members.

The five regional CSD associations (representing 125 member CSDs) involved in the formation of the WFC are the European Central Securities Depositories Association (ECSDA), Asia - Pacific CSD Group (ACG), Americas' Central Securities Depositories Association (ACSDA), Africa & Middle East Depositories Association (AMEDA) and the Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD).

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The Liquidity Alliance (LA) 

The Liquidity Alliance was formed in January 2013 with the aim of providing a platform for CSDs to collaborate on collateral management.

Its five initial members are:

  • ASX, a financial infrastructure in Australia;
  • Cetip, a central securities depository specialising in derivatives in Brazil;
  • Clearstream, the German central securities depository and Luxembourg-based international central securities depository;
  • Iberclear, the central securities depository in Spain; and
  • Strate, the central securities depository in South Africa.

Each of the Liquidity Alliance members are financial market infrastructures that are co-operating and developing collateral management solutions to address the growing present and future domestic and global needs for more collateral. Their main mission is to share information and ideas in order to create opportunities for their customers and for the wider industry while promoting best practice in liquidity and collateral management. 

The Liquidity Alliance will encourage greater pan-industry partnership and cooperation through promotion of expert insight, ideas and research to be shared with industry peers, media and interested parties through communication activities such as conferences and events. 

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The International Securities Services Association (ISSA)

The International Securities Services Association (ISSA) was formulated in 1979. The organisation was created to be able to collect and disseminate information on the developments in the rapidly changing international securities markets.

It also offers securities operations professionals a forum to exchange ideas and issues of common interest. Furthermore, the ISSA provides leadership in the formulation and promotion of best practice to improve efficiency as well as risk management in the global asset servicing industry.

Strate is a member of ISSA.

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